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Alphablock Board Book

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A high-concept alphabet book with appealing, retro-style illustrations. A pair of spreads is devoted to each letter. The recto is cut into the shape of an uppercase letter. Flip it and a new spread displays an item that starts with the given letter. Around the angles, holes, and curves of the letter readers get a peek of the image on the following page. Tracks and a puff of smoke hint at a train for letter "T," balls and a hand are the clues for "J is for juggler." Readers turn the page for the full image. Objects in the illustrations interact with the letter form in clever ways, such as an octopus's tentacle wrapping over the arc of the "O." Most of the featured items will be familiar to young readers. All the parts together make an appealing and fun way for youngsters to interact with the alphabet, and for slightly older children to enjoy the clever artwork.
  • Age: 1-4 Years