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Castle Nighttime Shadows

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These mystical castle-themed shadow puppets are ideal for making up stories. They help develop your child's growing imagination while creating special moments at bedtime. 

Dim the lights and let the show begin! Moulin Roty's "Les Ombres," or "The Shadows," collection features an assortment of handheld shadow puppets that will play on your little one's bedroom wall while being brought to life by the stories you create for them. The collection includes five different sets of sturdy cutout images on wooden sticks: a Parisian night, a medieval castle, dinosaurs, heroes and a circus! A pocket guide to "shadowgraphy" will teach both you and your child how to shape your hands into 7 different animals or use the shadow flashlight for instant fun! With all this action, the collection also features a fabric backdrop theatre curtain that can be used to take any blank wall from ordinary to extraordinary.

  • Age: 3-12